Auto Insurance

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Are there 'real secrets' to getting cheaper Florida auto insurance? I mean, after all, there are many resources on the web like this that claim that you get cheaper auto insurance by using a few tricks. Most of the time, however, these 'tricks' are things that we already know about.

So, all right, there aren't too many real secrets left when it comes to getting a guaranteed low rate on auto insurance. Though, there are ways that you can find cheaper auto insurance. How?

It involves using a little common sense and a smart mind. If you can save on car insurance, you can save on any insurance policy, after all. So, let us help you out. Here are some of the 'real secrets' of auto insurance that can help you save money—and fast.

The real secrets of affordable auto insurance in Florida

Are you getting ready to get a better or new auto insurance policy? Read these secrets to get an inside look at your policy options before you're ready to sign your forms.

Getting auto insurance quotes. You're not going to find a standard auto insurance rate that's also concrete. As prices between insurance companies are always changing, you pretty much always have to compare what you can get from any given auto insurance plan at Sometimes, you might end up saving thousands between insurance providers.

Keep your cars on the same policy. Keeping everything together actually save money--in this case. Many auto insurance providers offer multi-vehicle discounts for customers who take the time to insure more than one vehicle on the same policy. With multi-line discounts, you can save more money if you insure your vehicles at the same provider as your homeowners insurance policy.

Increase that deductible. The higher your deductibles become, the lower your insurance premium will become. Raising your deductible can help cover repair jobs or other occurrences that need to be paid as soon as possible.

Be a safe driver. Did you know that your driving record can affect your auto insurance rate? It's true. Getting tickets and accidents on your driving record can affect your insurance policy and its corresponding rates for up to six years combined. Naturally, that's a good enough reason to stay safe on the road.

Drive a car with a 'low risk' record. Insurance rates for different cars are also affected by the vehicle's previous claims history according to So, cars that are more likely to become stolen naturally command higher insurance rates. If you're planning on getting a new car, it's always helpful to check around for information pertaining to its previous claims history—before buying auto insurance policy.