Vali Myers in Film

Vali has been a source of inspiration to visual artists all her life.

4 films have been made about her.


1. 'Vali - the Witch of Positano' ~ USA, 1965.

Director Sheldin Rochlin, co-producer George Plimpton

Winner: Documentary Film Category, Manheim, 1965.

This film was previously distributed by Mystic Fire, a new York based distribution company but where copies can currently be purchased is unclear. Any information much appreciated.


2. 'Death in the Port Jackson Hotel' ~ Netherlands, 1971.

Director Ed Van der Elsken

36 minutes

Made by the photographer Ed van der Elsken who was responsible for the acclaimed book 'Love On the Left Bank'. This film sees Vali and Gianni Menicheti in their savage paradise Il Porto - the spectacular canyons near Positano Italy where they live with 100 animals. It also features trips to the directors house in the Netherlands.


3. 'The Tightrope Dancer' ~ Australia, 1989.

Director Ruth Cullen

58 minutes

The first of 2 films made by acclaimed filmmaker and close friend Ruth Cullen. Set in Vali's wild paradise in Il Porto Italy, and the Chelsea Hotel in New York City, this film sees Vali venturing into the art market - her own of course. Featuring appearances by Deborah Harry (Blondie) and George Plimpton and poet Ira Cohen.

Tightrope was considered by Vali to be the film "which really got me".

I made this film to celebrate a survivor. I was sick of hearing stories about those who stepped outside of society and had tragic ends. I wanted to celebrate a wild rambunctious spirit who was brave and fearless and did not give a fuck what any body else thought, and flourished. Vali didn't just totter through life. She embraced it and threw herself head first into it.
Ruth Cullen, director

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4. 'Painted Lady' ~ Australia, 2000.

Director Ruth Cullen

26 minutes

Made as a sequel to her acclaimed documentary 'The Tightrope Dancer' this film looks at Vali and her return to Australia. It is an at home in her Melbourne based studio only this at-home is unlike any you've seen before. Featuring performances by the klezma group Vardos and poet Lee Fuhler.

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