Poetry by Lee Fuhler


For Vali

(and for Misiu & Bobby)

An owl hangs in the window
like a 24 hour moon.

And there's a hole in my city!

Connecticut sketched the east coast of her face.

Brooklyn sent flowers all the way from L.A.

An owl hangs in the window
like a 24 hour moon
against a backdrop of eternity...

and there's a hole in my city
now that she's gone...


She Was Kinda Like...

She was the kinda girl ya couldn't take home
to meet your mother.
She was all my dirty thoughts
the disapproving eyes of other women
who couldn't ever be like her
not even in the dark!

She knew sweet-fuck-all
'bout the right way to behave,
the right things to say,
and she cared even less.
She knew the small anarchy of life,
sweet agonies of love.
She new how to be a woman,
she could make a man die!

She was in no way politically correct!

She was eyes of rain,
blue as the wild yonder:
her hair had it's own private wind.
Like forever blown tattered clouds 'cross the sky,
she came n was gone like a storm.

And beneath every moon
I learnt how ta die every night.
She was kinda like that,
superb, but kinda trashy!


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